about us

GrowTrend Biomedical was established on November, 2016. The company is a joint venture established by Gaolin Industrial Group, which has been established for 50 years. It is a development and design company for professional medical equipment.
We are committed to the research and design, legislation, and manufacture of medical devices. Our department of research and development continu ously . From the key components to the appearance of the product.
we develop common market to coorporate with other companys in 2020. In the near future, we will make steady progress on innovational techniques and products toward the first-class supply chain.

Hold three core spirits(IQSmart) in operation.



Apart from holding our expertise, we constantly keep expanding our business to launch different types of products by innovative techniques to fulfil the requirements from the clients.



Based on firm managment priniciple, we are not only receiving the advices from clients and colleagus, but moving forward step by step. Only for providing high quality of the products to the clients.


We intergrate the sources from the suppliers and coorperative manufacturers to be client-oriented.